Building the
future is our

Saxo owns and actively develops growth companies and manages other investment activities. Saxo focuses on developing the commercialization of its subsidiaries, provides them with financing and digitalization services and creates the basis for the sustainable growth of the group. 

The 250 employees of the Saxo group build long-term business that respects human values and nature. Trust and open-mindedness is a tradition at Saxo that brings strength and confidence in future growth.

Crossfunctional cooperation and core competences…

The subsidiaries Plastone, Mekalasi and Aina PTT, form the core of Saxo. Plastone produces technical plastic components and final products for demanding applications in healthcare, industry and security sector. Mekalasi supplies products and maintenance services for healthcare providers. Aina PTT develops and globally delivers push-to-talk devices and software for these.

In addition to the core businesses Saxo invests in shares in listed and unlisted companies, forest and real estate. 

More than two centuries of customer service

The tradition of industrial entrepreneurship, vision and will to serve the customer that begun in the late 1700’s , still guide Saxo today. Our history is a story of Finnish entrepreneurship from international trade and shipping through mining and paper industry to healthcare and production and communication technology. Throughout our history focus on customers has been the basis of our profitable businesses. Business culture that puts customer in the center is active, developing and rock steady. Saxo develops customer driven business culture and executes the company values in all group companies.

Sustainable development at the core

Respect for the nature has always been one of the core values of Saxo. Saxo aims to be CO2 neutral by 2025. We understand that all emissions cannot be cut, that is why we increase the carbon sink of our forests by continuous growing in order to compensate the remaining emissions.