Henrik Björnberg named as the new chairman of the board


For personal reasons, Charlotta Björnberg-Paul has decided to step aside from the chairmanship of Saxo’s board. Thanks to the governance system in place, current vice chairman, Henrik Björnberg will take on the chairmanship. The board appointed Max Alfthan as the new vice-chair. The changes take effect immediately. During Charlottas chairmanship the Group sales has grown +30%, it has become carbon neutral and the company has recruited its first external professionals to the board. We thank Charlotta for her great contribution, cooperation and leadership.

Our new sustainability brochure


Our sustainability brochure is ready. The publication presents the steps we have taken to become carbon neutral, we also encourage others to take similar actions. Together we ensure that our world is inhabitable also by future generations.

Max Alfthan and Ari Virtanen to the board of Saxo


The Extraordinary General Meeting was held on October 6, 2020. It was decided to appoint two new members to the Board. The EGM elected Max Alfthan and Ari Virtanen as new members of the board, while the current members Charlotta Björnberg-Paul (Chairperson), Fredrik Björnberg, Henrik Björnberg (Vice Chairman), Jonathan Björnberg, Maria Björnberg, Amanda Rejström and Heikki Räty where all re-elected.

“We appreciate gaining business expertise and experience and look forward to productive work with new dynamics in the board. These appointments are a great step forward in our continuous efforts to improve our governance and business. These changes better position us to meet current and further change requirements that have occurred since the COVID-19 pandemic outburst. It is with great pleasure I warmly  welcome Max Alfthan and Ari Virtanen to the board and the Saxo growth story”, says Charlotta Björnberg-Paul, Chairperson of the Board.

Saxo on the way to be CO2 neutral


The CO2 emissions of Saxo group were about 1600 tonnes during the first half of 2020. Emissions are based on the energy consumption in our own production, work travelling, employees’ travelling between home and work, waste generated in factories and freights paid by us.

Almost 1400 tonnes of the total is coming from the energy consumption of Plastone Estonia. There we are going to start using only fossil free produced electricity from the beginning of 2021 meaning that our yearly CO2 emissions will stay below 500 tonnes. In Finland we made this transfer already in the beginning of this year.

The carbon sink of our forest has been evaluated to be about 700 tonnes CO2 ekv. per year when we are growing it with sustainable principles compared to traditional clearcutting. Our goal has been to be CO2 neutral by year 2025 but now it looks like we’ll be that already in 2021!

Mekalasi acquires Pamtech Finland Oy:n


Pamtech delivers pneumatic mail delivery systems to hospitals, pharmacies, retailers and industrial facilities.

Pamtech’s service and installation branches synchronize well with Mekalasi’s corresponding services, enabling an even more comprehensive service offering to existing and future customers.

Saxo invests in forest


Saxo has acquired almost 500 ha of forest in North Ostrobothnia.

This investment is part of Saxo’s responsibility program, the aim is to allow the forest to grow continually and bind considerable amounts of carbon dioxide.

The area is also largely covered by dried up marshlands that will form effective carbon sinks as they re naturalize.

This forest acquisition is one of the steps taken by Saxo to render the entire concern carbon neutral by 2025.