Business units


| Part of SAXO

Contract manufacturer of injection moulded thermoplastic parts for healthcare, industry and security applications. 

Plastone Oy is a one stop shop that produces demanding thermoplastic components and assembled final products according to customer specifications. The products produced by Plastone are used globally in various fields.


| Part of SAXO

Disposables, devices, services and maintenance in Finland an Estonia.

Mekalasi Oy delivers hospital and laboratory disposables and devices to primary care, special healthcare and laboratory. The customers of Mekalasi are healthcare operators in public and private sectors. Mekalasi also provides services for device installation and maintenance as well as user training for these.

Aina PTT

| Part of SAXO

Push-To-Talk devices and applications for professional use. 

Aina PTT develops wireless communication solutions for critical communication in industry, logistics, aviation and security. In product portfolio there are speaker microphones which operate through Bluetooth as an accessory for mobile phone as well as completely independently working devices based on LTE technology. These replace traditional walkie talkies. Devices can be used both with Aina PTT’s own software and with software provided by Aina PTT partners.

Investment activities

Saxo actively invests in listed and non-listed companies. Among start-up investments the most significant is Paptic Oy which has developed a new recyclable material substituting plastic and paper for example in reusable bags and mailers.

In addition, Saxo has invested in real estate and forest grown in accordance with continuous growth principles in order to increase the carbon sinks.